Current teaching

Advanced Seminar on the Economics of Digital Platforms

This course consists of a kick-off event, two full days of student presentations, and at least (ideally more than) one supervisory meeting.

Kick-off event: Thursday, 28 April, 2 pm, room 0505.Z1.Z538. In this class, Hanna Hottenrott and I will introduce the general topic as well as the list of topics for student papers.

Student presentations will be held on Friday 8 July and Saturday 9 July, location TBA. Please note that students are required to attend both days in full to pass the course.

Supervisory meetings will be scheduled bilaterally and can be delivered via Zoom. Presentation of preliminary results during one such meeting is required to pass the course.

Past teaching

Winter 2023/24: Economics of Technology & Innovation

In this course, we will identify and analyze some of the most important issues of innovation policy, understand their relevance, explore their consequences, and introduce methods to analyze and tools to address them:

Why does society want innovation, and why would the government be interested in it? Is there enough innovation activity going on, and what can we do if it isn't? And how can we approach these and similar questions to begin with?

The course complements other offerings at the School of Management that deal with innovation from the management perspective.

For students: all information on this year's course can be found on the Moodle course page at https://www.moodle.tum.de/course/view.php?id=92149.

Please register for the course via TUM online; the module ID is MGT001298.

Summer 2022, 2023: Advanced Seminar on the Economci of Digital Platforms

2022/23 and following years: