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This page was originally created for my personal reference, as my bookmark collection started to grow out of usability. Stuff that I have personally found helpful, containing guidance both for doing research and for being an academic economist.

"do not forget that you are tremendously privileged to participate in science and academia and discovery and learning — by far the most

exciting thing to 99% of the faculty here. The thrill of discovery, the adrenaline-producing ah-ha moments, etc., are more exciting than all

the skiing and mountain biking you could possibly do in a lifetime. Don’t miss how intoxicating and thrilling it all really is." (Gary King)

Links (Meta) Collections

  • No link collection can be complete without the excellent TIPS 4 Economists compiled by Masayuki Kudamatsu. Advice from Top Economists, on issues from PhD Application to Retirement. [Link]
  • A collection of everything that came to their mind by The Econometrics Journal. Note that the page is subdivided into categories, even if it doesn't look like it is. [original links are dead, archived version here, snapshots available here and here]
  • The AEA's edited Link Collection "Resources for Economists on the Internet". Selective, which is both good and bad. [Link]
    • Used to provide a modified Google search covering only "economics websites", but that seems to be dead now (for obvious reasons, I'd think). [Link]
  • Some more narrowly defined link collections are included in section 1 below.
  1. How to get into and graduate from an (Economics) PhD programme: Advice on PhD life, writing, publishing, and teaching
  2. Advice on and resources for doing research: how to do it, data, software, learning resources
  3. "Going out": Taking Courses & Presenting Research: announcements, courses, conferences
  4. About the Discipline and Academic Life: innovation, intellectual property, economics, academia